Detox, Health & Withdrawal Aids Helps Restore Health, Naturally! Speciosa , CBD and more!

Healing plants are important to us. Why?

They improve overall well being. Certain plants and strain colors provide energy, focus, and attention. The darker strains are balanced between being strong pain killers/relaxation aids. Greens & Whites will get you working while helping pain and Red vein strains will kill nighttime pain that leads to sleeplessness
It's 100% Natural, Healthy and safe.

Healing plants are without a doubt a Godsend for people in pain or people with substance abuse/dependence issues.

It's a powerful solution to chronic pain patients, or people dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Every thing we carry is healthy, safe, natural and proven to work. It saves thousands of overdoses a year and helps so many people gain a sense of normality to their lives. There might only a limited time to try some of these plants before they are taken from us one by one, due to greed and our nations growing problem with pills and drugs.

So how does it work?

Browse through our selection of wonderful products and also keep in mind if you don't see something I am constantly adding new strains. Chances are I have great match for you. The automated shopping cart system is being updated so for the order process you can either fill your cart and submit the form and I will contact you, Or you can just email me and I will reply as soon as possible.
Check out and pay. We offer over five types of payments to suit everyones needs.
There are multiple shipping options. Orders placed before 3pm EST will usually ship that same day. I also include for everyone plenty of different and promising strains to try to consider for future purchases, so not only is it affordable, its' been picked by dozens of testers as the best of it's class.

Latest New from our Blog

Natural Homeopathic Plants and Extracts

I use a proprietary  mix of natural plants and extracts used in homeopathic medicine for  drug withdrawal and many other mental and physical issues.  Drugs for pain and mood have a withdrawal syndrome upon cessation associated with long term use. Some of these withdrawals can be fatal. These plants can help. They are Safe, Natural, Legal (please see Terms) Organic, GMO Free and it’s guaranteed to work or your money back. Chances are you or someone you love is suffering this very moment. Waiting for a prescription refill or money for a co-pay, or a dealer that is always running late who has your paycheck before you get it? One will only to be stuck in endless cycle of abuse and withdrawal from harmful chemical. Forget science and chemistry and take a walk back in time with me, where plants that grow on this earth can solve even the hardest of cases. No waiting rooms, no insurance  hassles, no dirty looks from doctors with ulterior motives. no more being a slave to a chemical. This is you, naturally.


TRY OUR MOST POWERFUL STRAINS. Only 1 dollar a serving. The full products list in on the site Healing Plant Shop

Detoxify With Natural Herbs

Do you find yourself tied to a bottle, pills, or otherwise? Do you struggle with withdrawal symptoms, chronic pain, or any similar issues? Feel like it’s time to Detoxify? If you do you must read on, it could save your life. I’m not embarrassed to admit I  am a recovered drug abuser. I have been clinically dead more than I’ve been alive for many years of my life. Now after turning to nature I’ve went from a hopeless drug abuser to a productive member of society. I have the worlds best job, helping you. The subsequently feeling of that gratitude and support I receive daily is more than enough fuel for me to keep pushing on.  At NoRx we have literally saved dozens upon dozens of lives, people who be happy to tell you themselves the change they experienced, just check the testimonial pages, Facebook group or reviews.

Nature's Amazing Herbs and Natural Products

I am here now to share what I have found that works.  My blog discusses some amazing herbs and natural products like; Speciosa, Hemp Products, Cat's Claw, Turmeric, Black Seed Oil, Cat’s Claw, Myrrh, DLPA, Medium-chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT), or Fish Oil. I have devoted my research to a plethora of natural compounds that have helped similar like-minded people. Take a look at my blog and read about the natural herbs that are available.  If you do i promise you will find relief.  Ask me as many questions as you need to feel confident in the power of these natural herbs. Just read what others say on the Testimonials and in the NoRx Premium Botanicals Facebook Group. I know what the struggle is like and it’s one I would not wish on my worst enemy. Together I am hoping we can get this knowledge out there and end even a little suffering one person at a time. “Fixing” people with natural plants and products has become a driving ambition for me. I’ve seen these plants end suffering and save lives. Even the most hopeless of all cases are astounded at the results.

I’m so confident I can help and I truly care enough that I provide my personal contact info with orders. Contact me if you are struggling. I can help you. I have seen my products turn peoples lives around and break their chains of addiction or the pain and anguish of being trapped in their own skin. My goal for you all is to reach a point in your life, no matter how bad you think it is, that you realize no dangerous prescriptions are needed, ever again. I truly believe all the medications we need for our variety of issues are growing right in front us. I can show you which can help you, and in turn you can find a new and healthy way to fight your demons.

User Testimonials
"I talked to my daughter on the phone yesterday. She said she can't remember the last time she took a PK and that it's a miracle, that she doesn't crave them now. She doesn't take Kratom every day, just once in a while. Her order from @NoRxNecessary last time came with enough extras she still has plenty."
"Woke up this morning (cold mornings are the worst for my pain) used my natural products from NoRx and NO meds needed. They were right, name says it all. Yay!" -
Many of you are aware that I broke my back last October.  Since it healed right away i haven't really felt a lot of pain since it healed.  However, i am now back to doing many physical things (working at the food pantry, lifting boxes of food, and also some lifting And such at school when I am at the animal hospital back has been giving me trouble.  The horned white took the pain AWAY which was really nice.
"Guys - if you haven't tried Dan's products, you don't know what you're missing. He sent me a sample weeks ago and I just got around to applying it today. Man - do I feel great! I wish I had tried it earlier! Going to put an order in."
"This is awesome stuff! It was really strong. I only needed 3/4 of a teaspoon. Usually, I burn about 2 to 3 teaspoons. It gave me nice smooth energy and great mood lift. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Its usually hard for me to be out and about talking with people. After trying this…I had energy and didn’t mind being around people getting my jobs done. I even brought my sweet little dog. Dan is a kind person and really does care. Thanks Dan!"
You aren't buying anything from NoRx you are buying it and one of the nicest people you will ever have in your life, hell I shouldnt even say "buying" as he did this all for free and I cannot repay him with any amount of money or words.
"Big thanks for the package Dan Will and team. I really like the extras and the personalized letter!! Out of the many, many vendors I've used, I have never once received a letter.. Says a whole lot."
"Delivery day is the best day!! Thanks Dan Will! If anyone on here hasn't ordered from Dan yet, do it ASAP! You will not be disappointed. I am so giddy, tons of samples on top of my order and I don't even know what to try first! Could be worse problems, eh?"
"I got my shipment today. Dan was out of Red Indo which is normally what i take for my pain, however since he was out I picked Jade i tried it today and my pain melted away i loved it. I so love the macuna i think that is how it is spelled it gave me some energy And a mood lift  i love that one as well. I have some samples of stuff i have never tried so i will give reviews on them. Thanks Dan Will for always choosing good strains for me and getting it ...
"Many of you are aware that I broke my back last October.  Since it healed right away i havent really felt a lot of pain since it healed.  However, i am now back to doing many physical things (working at the food pantry, lifting boxes of food, and also some lifting And such at school when I am at the animal hospital interning… back has been giving me trouble.  The horned white took the pain AWAY which was teally nice.
I REALLY liked it.  It sure did not cause me anxiety…….the pain relief was really notable!  the energy was nice………not overwhelming at all.  
I tried the white horned  yesterday.  This is the first time I have tried a white or green without mixing it with my fav red borneo.  I am somewhat afraid of so called “energizing” strains because of my extreme anxiety.
Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat
“Admin recieved an email from Dan that is unbelievable.  He tells his WHOLE story of addiction and subsequent natural herbal use and advocacy.  Sounds like a great guy. I am going to try to copy and paste it here.  It is truly inspiring.
NoRx Necessary Premium Ethnobotanicals, LLC6k
NoRx Necessary Premium Ethnobotanicals, LLC
Dan Will98
Dan Will">
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