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Got a monkey on your back? Let NoRx bring you back to the times you didn't have to rely on pills.

So how does it work?

For over 20 years I was horribly addicted to opiate pain killers, amongst other things. They stole all that I loved in life. Eventually after much research I have stumbled upon a little known plant of the Speciosa family. It contains alkaloids that act on opiate receptors the same way pills and heroin do. It ends withdrawal immediately. Stops cravings in their tracks. I've been off opiates over 7 years now because of this plant. If you knew how bad I was you would not believe it. After finding salvation in something I never thought would work, my mission became one to help others regain there life as well. It's such a versatile plant, some provide energy & focus, some kill pain, replace dangerous pills and are sedating for a good nights rest. The darker strains are balanced between being strong pain killers/relaxation aids. Greens & Whites will get you working while helping pain and Red vein strains will kill nighttime pain that leads to sleeplessness. We also carry many of nature's psychoactive plants, ranging from potent energy properties to something to help you catch some zzzzzzs...

It's All Natural, 100% GMO Free, Safe and CHEAP

Healing plants are without a doubt a Godsend for people in pain or people with substance abuse/dependence issues, relaxation and sleeplessness. Compared to normal treatment, Speciosa and other herbs are most importantly 100% SAFE (ZERO deaths recorded) compared to pharmaceutical pills (HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS dead, now they have the title for the leading cause of death in the US). To ice the cake the plants are about 1/25 the cost, healthy, and LEGAL (Please see terms and conditions). Plus, you can not DIE. If that's not a miracle I'd love to see one. We are in an epidemic. This is the answer. What are you waiting for?

It improves overall well being!

It's a powerful solution to chronic pain patients, or people dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Every thing we carry is healthy, safe, natural and proven to work. It saves thousands of overdoses a year and helps so many people gain a sense of normality to their lives. There might only a limited time to try some of these plants before they are taken from us one by one, due to greed and our nations growing problem with pills and drugs.

Ordering is simple, fast and all products are lab tested and of the finest quality

Browse Through Our Selection of Potent Psychoactive and Healing Plants
Keep in mind if you don't see something I am constantly adding new strains & products that are not yet on the site. Chances are I have great match for you. From pain to potent mood lifters, if it's out there we have access and knowledge.

Contact Us and Pay

The automated shopping cart system is being updated so for the order process you can either fill your cart and submit the form and I will contact you, Or you can just email me and I will reply as soon as possible. I also answer Facebook PM's (page is here: Personal FB page) and I always try to be as responsive as possible, regarding orders or just simple questions. For all the positive reviews check out our Facebook group here: Facebook support and review group.

For proof that NoRx carries the best products in the world check out the reviews on a site where I am, by myself, compared to all other companies, the highest rated and most viewed and talked about vendor. Over 20K people are raving about my products, but don't take my word for it. DBG Review Thread.

This site is moving towards natural solutions despite it starting as a pharmaceutical forum. If you look at the "Suggest a Vendor" page under the Kratom forum you will see that NoRx stands head and shoulders above the competition. Some of which are million dollar companies with a large staff. This is just me, in a room, with shipping envelopes and the best products I have every found after 15 years of testing and searching.


And we'll delivery free of charge!

Save orders of one or two ounces, any orders for pounds, half kilos, kilos, etc I will cover 2-3 day USPS priority shipping. Once I receive payment you will be sent a tracking number and will have your order as fast as possible. Orders must be made before 3pm EST in order to ship that same day. I can express mail as well but I don't recommend it as its not quarantee until 48 hours and they never honor  it anywhere.


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NoRx Necessary Premium Ethnobotanicals, LLC
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