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Help Fight Bill To Illegalize Kratom!


How Stop DEA bill to make Kratom illegal, . What petitions to sign, who to talk to..

URGENT , Kratom is in legal jeopardy, posible becoming schedule 1. We need your help to stop this injustice. Please  contact your local government officials and DEA agents with your positive experience with the plant and why criminalizing it will just hurt, maybe kill, thousands. Check our facebook Group or email norxnecessary@gmail.com for information on how you can help and discounts available for people who do.


Our products are also incredibly versatile but need your help. Some blends provide mental energy for focus,  a natural and safe alternative to dangerous alternatives. Some can aid with restlessness  instantly, benefit insomnia rapidly. We stock  the most powerful and useful plants you’ve never heard of. We’ve spend decades researching and experimenting with all products and have found some safe and natural alternatives

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All Natural Dog Pain Relief Treats!

 100% Natural Dog Pain Relief Treats!

Picture Natural Dog Pain Relief Treat


Have a pet with pain, suffering or separation,  neurotic type issues? We thought it was about time to give back to Man’s best friend and the results have been amazing. Multiple testimonials from beta and now live alpha testing clients are being received wonderfully, by pet and owner alike. Limited stock on these for now but initial results have been amazing. 100% Natural, and containing the perfect mix of GMO free ingredients to alleviate canine pain, separation/storm troubles and other issues. This is a proprietary blend and NoRx is going to be your first stop for canine pain and behavior issues that dangerous and ineffective medications fall far short of helping


Peer reviewed studies are posted on the product page below and a laundry list of positive feedback from the beta testers is just waiting to be posted or can be followed on Facebook. These just plain work, and your dog will LOVE them. Our own in house tester has grown quite fond of the tasty little tidbits. We are dog people here and only want the best for our furry friends, so many sleepless nights of research, thought and love went into making these treats.

Our dog pain supplement:

100% Natural Dog Pain Relief Treats


Au Naturale

Natural Herbs

At NoRx we have literally helped dozens upon dozens of people and pets using all natural products, people who be happy to tell you themselves the change they experienced in their beloved pets and overall quality of life since turning to nature.


Free Samples

Free Samples With Charity Donation!

We here at NoRx are all about good Karma and paying it forward, so in that spirit we do the best we can to support some very worthwhile causes. Buy a $10, 40 gram sample pack 15% of all proceeds will be donated to charity, Speciosa and herbal charity proceeds will go to help support these wonderful plants. Get some good karma right along side your great botanical products!

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Nature’s Amazing Herbs and Natural Prodcuts

A+ herbal productsI am here now to share what I have found that works.  My blog discusses some amazing herbs and natural products like;   Turmeric, Black Seed Oil, Cat’s Claw, Myrrh, DLPA, Magnolia Extract, Medium-chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT),  Fish Oil, , etc. Regardless of the issues I have a plant or plants that can help, without being tied to pills that cause more problems than they have ever helped.  Take a look at my blog and read about the natural herbs that are available.  Ask me as many questions as you need to feel confident in the power of these natural herbs. Just read what others say on the Testimonials and in the NoRx Premium Botanicals Facebook Group. “Fixing” problems with natural plants and products has become a driving ambition for me. I’ve seen these plants end suffering and help dozens upon dozens. Even the most hopeless of all cases are astounded at the results.


Email me at norxnecessary@gmail.com

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